Continuing Your Lessons Online During Covid19 Isolation

  Sunday, March 15, 2020 by Robert Coates | Uncategorized

Dear Parents & Students,

All state schools where Ryedale School of Music provide instrumental tuition have cancelled all music lessons for the foreseeable future.

As music teachers we are committed to trying to minimalize disruption to your child’s musical education and enjoyment of music.

If your family need to self-isolate and your child is in good enough health to play their instrument, we encourage you to consider it a good idea for your child to maintain a routine with their education.

To allow music lessons to continue and be part of that routine we can offer three tuition options.

1. If self-isolating or you live a long distance away from Kirkbymoorside lessons can be delivered via live video link over the internet.We have set up an online portal where students can login to receive their work for lessons, practice notes and record their practice.Lessons will be delivered by live video Skype which is free to set up.

2. If you usually have your lessons in school and are not self-isolating, you can either choose the above option or book a lesson slot at our studio in Kirkbymoorside.As the lessons are one to one, we feel able to take adequate hygiene precautions and social distancing to keep the environment as safe as possible.

3. Private clients who have their regular music lessons with Mr Coates or Mrs Little at our studio premises in Kirkbymoorside can continue to do so at their regular lesson times. Lessons with Mr Haynes or Mrs Haynes will now only be available on Skype.If any member of your family has any cold or flu like symptoms, we ask you to refer to option 1 above and your lesson times can remain the same but over the internet instead.We are operating enhanced measures of hygiene and social distancing at the studio.

How to Set up Skype for Music Lessons

The best option for using Skype for music lessons is to use a desktop PC equipped with webcam (possibly built into PC), most webcams have a built-in microphone. It is also a good idea to have some headphones.

Skype will also work on a tablet device, but you will need to take care in positioning the device in an appropriate position to allow the teacher to see your playing position and fingers on the keys.Try to position yourself against a plain background preferably with light in front and not behind you.Try to avoid disruptions during the lesson as background noises can easily spoil the quality of the lesson.

Ideally, you should where possible try to connect to the internet directly by cable from your router.If you need to use wifi, then try and get as near to your router as possible to ensure a good strong connection.

For best results when using Skype, close other applications that use the internet especially those playing music, streaming video or downloading file transfers.

Most computers and devices already have Skype installed.If you do not have the Skype app it can easily be downloaded from google play or other app stores free of charge.

It is free to set up an account with a username and receive calls.You only need to pay a subscription if you want to make calls

Once you have your skype username, please send it to us so that we can get you set up on our studio contact list.

Registering to our studio portal (www.ryedale-musiclessons.co.uk)

Ryedale School of Music will send everyone a username, password for our website studio portal.This is an area secure area on our website where you can access music resources required for your lesson.In most cases you will already have your music books at home but there will be occasions when the teacher will want to give you new assignments and tunes.

Your lesson resources should be downloaded from the student portal prior to the start of the lesson.You can either print them out, or if you have a separate device you may wish to display and read them directly from your device.

You can check your lesson time on the portal so that you can login to Skype at least a couple of minutes before your lesson time.Your teacher will then Skype call you to start the lesson.

Online lessons & safeguarding

Safeguarding children on the internet is essential:

  1. All teachers have DBS checks through the local authority and the schools that we teach in.
  2. It is important for the parent to decide if they require themselves to supervise their child whilst communicating with the teacher over the internet.
  3. The student should be suitably clothed during the video communication as should any other family members who may be in the background.
  4. Lessons over the internet delivered directly from our studio will also be recorded on CCTV at our end.

Lesson Fees

If your circumstances change and you have any concerns regarding future payments, please contact our school office on 01751 430707 or by email if you prefer and we will do our best to help.

I hope that my plans offer you all the ability to continue your music studies through the difficult and challenging times ahead.

Yours faithfully

Robert Coates

Ryedale School of Music


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