The Ryedale School of Music

THE RYEDALE WIND BAND  meet at our School Studio on a Saturday Morning at 10.30 am - 11.30am.

Students have fun playing a wide variety of music and always look forward to their end of term party food fest.

Students are mainly from the Ryedale School of Music, but this is not a requirement to join.  As long as you are about grade 2 level or above, you should fit in well.

Ryedale Wind Band is FREE to attend

THEORY OF MUSIC CLUB follows on after wind band practice, starting at 11.45am and finishing at 12.30am.  This club offers a basic foundation in the theory of music.  Students will learn about basic notation, time and key signatures.  The club will provide a firm grounding in music theory before taking up full study towards grade 5 theory.  This club cost £5 per session.

INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES meet before the band practice at 9.45am.  We have a saxophone ensemble, clarinet ensemble and a flute ensemble. There is one for a different instrument each week.  The ensembles are free to attend for all students who have lessons with Mr Coates, otherwise a £5 fee applies.


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