Music Lessons in Your School

If you are looking for music lessons in your local primary school, Ryedale Music School offer musical instrument tuition in Ryedale School, Kirkbymoorside Primary School, Gillamoor C of E School, Amotherby Primary School & Nawton Primary School. 


Music lessons in Schools

Lessons in primary schools are offered on a 20 minute individual lesson basis.  Not only will your child receive one on one tuition, you will benefit from a no hassle transition to Ryedale School where students will be able to continue their tuition with the same teacher.

The fee for lessons in all primary schools is £31.25 per month.  

If you want to try out before committing to purchasing an instrument, we have a selection of flutes, clarinets, saxophones and cornets and trumpets available to rent from £3 per week.

Music lessons in Ryedale School

Lessons in Ryedale School are all individual thirty minute lessons and cost £42.50  per month over 12 months.  Other payment plans are available.

Ryedale Wind Band

An essential part of learning to play a brass or woodwind instrument is having the opportunity to join in with other like minded musicians,  Playing in a band can more than double the rate of progress as well as providing a social aspect to learning to play an instrument.

At the Ryedale School of Music, we have a Saturday morning band practice for all brass and woodwind students who wish to play in a band.  The rehearsal starts at 10.30am and ends at 11.30am and is FREE to attend.

If your school is not listed above, and you are having difficulty in getting music lessons in your school, please contact us.  We may be able to approach your school and arrange tuition.


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