Music Lessons Ryedale

If you are looking for music lessons with qualified professional music teacher's in Ryedale then look no further than the Ryedale School of Music and Minim Music.


Value For Money

The fees that we charge for individual music lessons with our professionally qualified music practitioner's represent excellent value for money and are very competitive in comparison to the fees now charged in our local schools by the North Yorkshire County Music Service.  Our professional fees are in line with recommended fees set out by the Musicians Union and ISM(Incorporated Society Of Musicians)

Our Lesson Options



Recommended for absolute beginners and new starters, this tuition option offers a trial start-up period of 5 thirty minute individual lessons, allowing time for the student and teacher to build a professional relationship.This trial period will also enable the parent to help encourage the student to establish a regular daily practice routine. After a review, you have an option to continue and move on to the Crescendo Tuition Package, or discontinue lessons without any further obligation.


This is for established students progressing from novice to intermediate level. Students have the opportunity to enter for ABRSM examinations from grade 1 to 5, and those who are learning a brass and woodwind instrument are offered the opportunity to join the free wind-band on Saturday mornings. This package is for 36, thirty minute individual lessons over the academic school year.


Recommended for students who wish to pursue ABRSM examinations at the advanced levels of grades 6,7 & 8.As a prerequisite, students must have passed ABRSM Grade 5 Theory and ensure that they are able to commit themselves to approximately five hours of instrumental practice each week.This package is for36, forty-five minute individual lessons over the academic school year.


For Adult students only, this package is for absolute beginners or students who want to revive their instrumental musical abilities and enjoy general music making.The lessons are booked in blocks of 3, thirty minute sessions and timings can be flexible.


Learning theory of music provides the student with a sound understanding of the rudiments of music, which enriches their instrumental learning experience.It is essential to pass Grade 5 Theory to enter the advanced level instrumental examinations.Theory lessons are offered as thirty minute sessions and can be booked and paid for on a pay as you go single lesson basis subject to availability on the school timetable.There is no commitment to a set number of lessons.


Save over £60 by paying your fees by direct debit


Five 30 minute individual trial lessons including registration fee  £100.00

Payment can be made in cash or by cheque.


Thirty-Six 30 minute lessons

£612.00   12 x Monthly payments(direct debit) £51.00

                 4 x Quarterly payments (direct debit) £153.00

£648.00    4 x quarterly payments (cheque)  £162.00

£587.00    Discounted rate for full payment in advance (cheque)


Thirty-Six 45 minute advanced level lessons

£972.00     12 x Monthly payments (direct debit) £81.00

                    4 x Quarterly payments (direct debit) £243.00

£1008.00     4  x quarterly payment (cheque) £252.00

£922.00       Discounted rate for full payment in advance 


Three 30 minute individual lessons 

£54.00         Payment by cash only


30 minute individual theory of music lesson.

£18.00  pay as you go (cash only)

Consultation Lesson SPECIAL OFFER

If you are an absolute beginner you can ask for a consultation lesson.  The teacher will be able to discuss instrument suitability and what it is like to learn to play a musical instrument.  The teacher will also be able to offer advice to parents on how they can best support their child in learning to play a musical instrument.

A consultation lesson will cost £16.00 which will be refunded if you decide to continue tuition with us.

A consultation lesson must be paid by cash only. 


If you decide to start tuition with us, we will offer you a 15% discount off the purchase of your musical instrument from Minim Music. Payment must be made by cheque.


Get In Touch

To find out more about our music teachers in Ryedale and the lessons and tuition they provide then please see our Terms and Conditions page. Alternatively you can give us a call on the number listed on this website.


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